What we’re noticing:

  • Irrigated lawns and areas that receive 30%+ shade are looking great! This turf is using our fertilizer and they are clear of weeds.

  • Areas of our lawns that receive 100% sun and are not irrigated are still hurting from our June heat wave. Even with the rain we’ve had, these areas may not recover. The grass may be beyond dormant and actually dead; fried from the hot and dry conditions earlier this year.

  • This soil is still receiving our fertilizer and if the grass isn’t going to use the fertilizer, the weeds sure are. Spurge and Crabgrass are the main culprits; these are “hot weather” weeds that take advantage when the turfgrass is hurting.

What we’re doing:

  1. We’re making sure we’re watching for and spraying these weeds during our visits.

  2. We’ll be starting our aeration and seeding services next week through mid-September for our clients who enrolled.

What you can be doing:

  1. Consider seeding these areas (right now is the best time to do this; before mid-September) to have grass there next season. We offer this service (see “Level-Up your lawn” below) or you can see this link for DIY.

  2. Temperatures are high this week so make sure you are mowing as high as your mower goes. More mowing tips here.

  3. Water any areas with purple-hued grass. This grass is about to go dormant. Once dormant, it’s tough on the grass to shock it back into the growth stage so it’s better to water before it starts turning yellow. More watering tips here.