When will you be coming?

We get started as soon as the snow has melted and the ground has thawed. We’ll need to skip some lawns that aren’t ready yet and because of that we start closer to our location in Loretto so our return trips to the ones skipped aren’t too costly. We monitor “growing degree days” and the general calendar to ensure all of our lawns get the crabgrass preventer before the soil warms up enough for crabgrass to germinate. We typically finish up our first application just before Memorial Day. Click here for more info on how we route and schedule.

How will I know you’re coming?

We’ll email you on the days before we plan to do your applications throughout the summer. When you sign up for service you’ll get an email that not only has the information you’re reading now but also confirms that you’re on our to-do list and will be getting the “head up” emails.

How will I know you’ve done the treatment?

As soon as we complete the application we send an informational email about what we did, any restrictions, and what (if anything) you can do to optimize the application. In addition to that, we leave an informational flyer and sign at the end of your driveway to let you know that we were there and what we did.

How frequently will you show up?

We typically operate on a 6 week schedule. This can be a week sooner or later as we optimize routes throughout the summer.

What if I want to seed this Spring?

The crabgrass preventer we put down in the spring and turf grass seed DO NOT get along! Click here to read more about this. Please let us know if you plan to seed or would like us to.

What will I need to do after the Spring application?

Not much! Spring rains will soak in the fertilizer and crabgrass preventer within a few days. To maintain the effectiveness of our crabgrass preventer, please do not aerate or de-thatch your lawn until later summer (August).

What can I do to make my lawn look its best?

Our programs and typical weather will make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood; guaranteed. To take your lawn to the next level: Keep your mower blades sharp, mow as frequently as needed, and water as needed. Click here for more details.