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Lawn Care Program

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We’ll make your lawn the ENVY of the neighborhood

Lawn Care Program

Early Spring Application

This application jump starts the turf’s health for the season with quick acting liquid fertilizer to pull your turf out of dormancy with great color. We comprehensively treat your entire lawn for weeds that are getting started right now but are often too small to see. Other companies rely on spot treating this time of year which relies on their techs to both notice tiny weeds and care to spend the extra time to spray them. We also establish the barrier to prevent crabgrass from taking over your lawn. Applied as a liquid, we’re able to build up that barrier in the areas most susceptible to crabgrass; the edges where your lawn meets your driveway or the road. Other companies who apply their crabgrass preventer as a granular are not able to effectively “reinforce” these important areas.

Spring playtime on a ProLawn

Spring Application

Broadleaf weeds become most active this time of year, we apply a complete broadleaf weed control that stops them in their tracks. Although we already applied crabgrass preventer in the Early Spring Application, we apply a “second coat” via the manufacturer recommended “split-application” technique that achieves better results than the one heavy dose that most companies apply. Unless you’ve opted out, your lawn will also get undesirable grass control at no additional charge – this is not only extremely rare for this to be part of a lawn care company’s standard program, but unheard of for it to be available at no additional charge. We want those crummy grasses gone before they start growing and taking over this summer.

Spring playtime on a ProLawn

Early Summer Application

A high end granular fertilizer with a micro-nutrient packed organic component is applied at this time to boost your lawn’s health prior to going into the hot dry summer conditions. Your lawn will not only be better equipped to handle the summer stresses to come but will also rocket ahead of neighborhood with a deep green appearance.

Summer Day on a ProLawn

Free Grub Treatment

A complete broadleaf weed control for the hot weather weeds that do try to muscle their way into your lawn this time of year. We don’t want them competing with your turf for nutrients and we don’t want you to have to see them. We use a specialized mixture that is especially effective on all tough broadleaf weeds

Summer Day on a ProLawn

Mid Summer Application

Free for our Premium Program and an integral part of our Condensed Programs. A comprehensive control for grub and other turf-damaging-insects is applied. Not only are pests that are currently present in your turf controlled but a preventative barrier is established to cover any future infestations. Japanese Beetle grubs become active destroying turf roots around the beginning of August. ProLawns lawns have been protected from this as standard since 2018.

Summer Day on a ProLawn

Late Summer Application

A super-premium slow release granular fertilizer feeds your lawn when it needs it without over-feeding it before it’s ready. This is the application that takes your lawns appearance from best around to best ever… Buckle up

Summer Day on a ProLawn

Fall Application

Fast acting liquid fertilizer is applied and taken in quickly. It is immediately utilized to build a strong root system to not only ensure your winterized turf is very robust but to also go into next season with the greenest, healthiest lawn possible. We comprehensively treat your entire lawn for weeds to ensure your next season is a beautiful blank slate for your turf to thrive – it won’t be competing with invasive weeds for nutrients. Other companies rely on spot treating for weeds which relies on their techs to both notice tiny weeds and care to spend the extra time to spray them.

Fall evening on a ProLawn

Lawn Care Program FAQ

What can I do to make my lawn look its best?2022-04-08T17:40:20-05:00

Our programs and typical weather will make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood; guaranteed.  To take your lawn to the next level: Keep your mower blades sharp, mow as frequently as needed, and water as needed.  Click here for more details.

When can I mow?2022-04-08T17:39:47-05:00

It would be best to wait until the following day, but if necessary, wait a few hours.

What will I need to do after applications?2022-04-08T17:39:10-05:00

Not much! Regular rain is all it takes to activate our fertilizer. Do not run your sprinklers for at least a few hours after our visit. To maintain the effectiveness of our crabgrass preventer, please do not aerate or dethatch until August or September.

When will I see results?2022-04-08T17:38:44-05:00

Weeds will start wilting within a day or two and grass will start greening up a few days after watering/irrigation.   Weeds will be dead within a week and after two weeks, your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood!

ProLawns Pledge

ProLawns will respond before the end of the following business day with an answer to your question or a resolution to any issue affecting your satisfaction. If the matter is not settled to your liking — you will be refunded for the lawn application that you aren’t pleased with.



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