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Join the Team

We’ll make your lawn the ENVY of the neighborhood

ProLawns is a small, growing company. Any new members brought on to the team will be able to have an immediate impact. If you choose to work at ProLawns, know that your time and ideas matter to us. There is no ceiling to your aspirations at ProLawns, that’s up to you.

We’ll have your back.

April 2022


“Good environment. Relaxing. Cool boss and co-workers. Good times. Outdoors. Not hard work. Flex hours. Good pay.”

Justin F.,

“Love working here!”

Steve J.

“The comparably high pay, the freedom and flexibility are ideal.

My boss is constantly trying to improve my experience at work and provide me with as many opportunities as possible.”

Mark S.

“Owners are great and always very understanding. Very nice people.

The flexibility that they provide is always great.

They always try to work with you with any questions you may have.”

Aracely P.

“I enjoy being able to work hard and seeing the results of that work.”

Dave K.


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