What we’re noticing:

  1. That’s all folks! Last post for 2020. We got some good rain a week ago and 3″-5″ of snow is predicted for tomorrow. Nights in the foreseeable future will be well below freezing. Our growing season is done. It was a dry one – by far driest in the last decade. I’m not sure how far back we’d need to look to find a summer with less rainfall.

      • Hennepin County rainfall stats (as of 10/19/2020):

          • 2020: 7.63″

          • Average rainfall: 18.46″ (over past decade)

          • Next driest year in last decade: 11.65″ (2013)

          • 2019: 27.73″ (wettest year on record)

What we’re doing:
  1. Cleaning up our equipment and getting it ready to hibernate until spring. We’ll be starting to strategize for next year and planning our winter tasks. What do you think we should work on?

What you can be doing:

  1. When the snow melts and the lawns dry out, clean up your leaves by either thoroughly mulching or bagging and removing them. You can mow progressively lower up to the end of October; each lawn is different so we can’t tell you a height but you shouldn’t be scalping any turf. Short grass going into winter will reduce the likelihood of turf disease (snow mold) over the winter. More mowing and watering tips here.