What causes Mushrooms?

There are several different reasons for mushrooms to appear in your lawn. Excess rain/irrigation can cause them during the spring and summer. Mushrooms will also appear in areas where the soil is very compacted as well as areas with excess organic matter(leaves, old stumps and old roots). Most mushrooms do not cause any damage to your lawn or garden, they are actually quite beneficial!

How can I reduce the chance of mushrooms?

  • We recommend aerating to reduce compaction and improve drainage in the soil(Ask ProLawns for a quote!).

  • After removing a tree be sure to dig or grind out stumps.

  • Rake your lawn in the spring to remove any leaves left over from fall and other plant material

How can I get rid of mushrooms?

Mushrooms will not make an appearance for long, they typically last about a week and go away by themselves. Using a fungicide can do more harm than good for your lawn. The fungi will continue to live in the soil so it is likely the mushrooms will come back when the growing conditions are just right again.