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Landscape Bed Control

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We’ll make your lawn the ENVY of the neighborhood

Are you sick of hand-picking weeds from your garden?

There are areas such as landscape beds (mulch, rock, etc.), walkways, driveways, sport courts, etc. where you don’t want any grass, much less weeds. ProLawns can help there! Our service for these non-lawn areas includes a curative and preventative control of undesirable plant growth to achieve and maintain a perfectly manicured landscape.


  • Keep weeds out of your landscaped areas

  • Our program is guaranteed!

  • Weeds/grass can block sunlight needed by other plants

  • Weeds rob your flowers/plants of important nutrients and water

Landscape Bed Control FAQ

Will this treatment kill any plants/vegetables?2022-04-08T17:37:16-05:00

No- We stay away from all vegetable/fruit plants

How long after an application can we plant flowers/plants?2022-04-08T17:37:04-05:00

We recommend waiting 3 days after our application

ProLawns Pledge

ProLawns will respond before the end of the following business day with an answer to your question or a resolution to any issue affecting your satisfaction. If the matter is not settled to your liking — you will be refunded for the lawn application that you aren’t pleased with.



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