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We’ll make your lawn the ENVY of the neighborhood

Get out and enjoy your property without being bugged

Protect your family from insect transmitted diseases!

BBQ with your neighbors without having to burden everyone with sticky bug spray or ruin your food with stinky citronella candles!

Don’t worry about Fido collecting ticks to bring indoors!

Don’t let the Japanese beetles destroy your landscape!

Why treat?

Mosquitoes are the most deadly creature on the planet, killing 725,000 people per year. More than every other creature combined (source).

The young and old are far more susceptible to insect transmitted diseases and need additional precautions and protection when outside.

Cases of tick borne diseases have over tripled since 2004. Check out this map of tick borne disease reports from 2016.

Minnesota summers are short. Spend them outside without worrying about slapping mosquitoes or fear of diseases.

ProSquito Program

Our ProSquito Program offers 5 applications throughout the summer, each application will reduce insect activity for up to one month. They become most effective 1-2 days after the treatment.

The product used is derived from the natural insect repellent in the chrysanthemum plant and shares the main ingredient with many pet flea and tick shampoos. It is very safe.

Prosquito FAQ

How effective is it?2022-04-08T17:21:17-05:00

Our Prosquito is very effective, but it takes a day or two to take full effect. After that, it lasts about a month until our next treatment. Large rains may cause a large mosquito hatch that may overwhelm the application for a day before control returns. You will never have zero mosquitos. But if you have 20 “slaps” per hour before our treatment, you should easily get down below 1 “slap” per hour.

How long until we can use our lawn?2022-04-08T17:20:48-05:00

It is ready for use immediately after our application. The fine mist we spray dries in minutes and referring to the above question, is extremely safe either way.

Are the Products Safe?2022-04-08T17:20:22-05:00

VERY! Half of the mix we use is Cedar wood oil. This deters not only mosquitos but other insects from going near your property… and it smells heavenly! The other half is a synthetic version of the natural insecticide that’s in the chrysanthemum plant. This is the same active ingredient used in flea and tick shampoo as well as what’s impregnated into certain hiking gear.

ProLawns Pledge

ProLawns will respond before the end of the following business day with an answer to your question or a resolution to any issue affecting your satisfaction. If the matter is not settled to your liking — you will be refunded for the lawn application that you aren’t pleased with.



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