What we’re noticing:
  • Happy New Year!

  • An extremely high and volatile product/material market for the lawn care industry

  • The MN DNR posted the top five weather events for 2021 and two of them were directly related to the health of our turf:

    • #5 June 2021 Heat Wave – Minnesota has had many historical heat waves that were “worse” than this one on numerous counts. However, at many locations, this was the longest and most severe heat wave to occur so early in the season. It’s not unusual have several days or more of 90-degree weather during the middle of July, but it is unusual to do so during (or before) the first half of June. The Twin Cities hit 90 degrees or higher nine days in a row, the third longest streak on record. It was this heat wave that really intensified the drought.

    • #2 The Drought of 2021 – A major drought overtook Minnesota during 2021, as persistent moisture deficits combined with above-normal temperatures across the state. In some parts of the state, the drought was as serious as anything experienced in over 40 years, though for most of the state it was the worst drought in 10-30 years. By August 10th, a swath of northwestern through north-central Minnesota was designated in Exceptional Drought (D4), marking the first time any part of the state had made it to that level of drought during the 21-year history of the US Drought Monitor. Precipitation events beginning in August eased the drought situation, but at the close of 2021 the drought continued, especially in northern Minnesota.

What we’re doing:
  1. We’ve pre-bought our products for 2022 to stabilize our pricing.

  2. We’re getting our equipment and processes ready for a great lawn care season!

What you can be doing:
  1. Ensure you’re on the ProLawns Program that best suits you for 2022 and prepay to save 10%