What we’re noticing:
  • That’s a wrap for 2021! We’re done. Woof!

    • We’re ending the warmest summer in our recorded history (149 years) with an October 5th drought status of “42.5% of Minnesota still facing severe-to-extreme drought” (source).

  • We’re alright putting 2021 in the books and looking forward to some hopefully milder weather in 2022.

What we’re doing:
  1. Winterizing our equipment and planning our winter work for our 2022 strategy.

What you can be doing:
  1. Mow shorter as we get to the end of the season and ensure there are no piles of leaves left on the lawn before the snow flies. Doing this will lessen the effects of snow mold or other winter kill.

  2. If certain areas of you lawn need it, dormant seeding just before the first snow flies is a great way to jump start the thickening of your turf for next year. The U of M has a great article about dormant seeding here.

3. Watch for our beautiful MN fall colors! Link