What is Aeration?

Aeration is performed to help drive beneficial nutrients into the soil, reduce compaction, and create stronger, deeper roots for the grass. Overall, it will make the appearance of your lawn improve immensely. We offer both mechanical aeration and liquid aeration.

What is the difference between mechanical and liquid aeration?

Mechanical aeration is what most people think of when we mention aeration, it punches holes into the soil, creating a pocket and leaving behind dirt plugs on the ground. Mechanical aeration creates an optimal seedbed for overseeding, instantly reduces compaction and helps level out uneven ground.

Liquid aeration is less commonly known. The liquid aeration is sprayed onto the lawn and soaks into the soil, causing a chemical reaction that creates micro-fissures deep in the soil. Liquid aeration goes beyond mechanical aeration by actually changing the properties of the soil, along with reducing compaction. Liquid aeration costs less, does not damage any underground sprinkler heads or dog fencing, and does not leave dirt plugs behind.

When should your property be aerated?

Our liquid aeration can be applied at any time, without affecting our crabgrass preventer. Mechanical aeration should only be done in the fall, once the crabgrass preventer is no longer effective. You can also pair these two together for maximum results!