What we’re noticing:
  • We had another weekend with some relieving rain BUT it’s STILL not the “drought buster”. Most of our service area received around 3/4″. This amount is exactly average for a week of rain when looking at the past decade. We’ll need an inch or more for a few weeks to start making up our deficit. There’s rain in the forecast this week!

What we’re doing:
  1. We’re starting our next round of applications! It is one visit but three services. You’ll notice we’ll be spending more time on your property as we do multiple application methods. We start with some incredibly premium granular fertilizer and on top of that we apply a blanket application of a specialized weed control product. It has a different mode of action than typical weed control applications to ensure quick control and that weeds do not build tolerance. Finally, our grub control application is applied to protect your lawn from Japanese beetle grubs that like to eat it’s roots.

What you can be doing:
  1. Mow as high as your mower will go – if you need to mow at all

  2. Water appropriately (amount and timing are both important!)