What we’re noticing:

  1. We got some much needed rain the evening of 10/11/2020! Hooray! It was plenty to quench our turf and water in our fertilizer.

  2. We are still incredibly dry on average, in fact, we’re in a state of drought (see the map from the department of agriculture below).

      • Where this has been showing up most is under the “drip line” of trees; pretty much where the root system is. We’ve had some light rains that quench the grass a bit outside of the drip lines but those rains we’re enough to get through the tree’s canopy. The trees are still ‘drinking first’, drying out the soil from below.

      • Hennepin County rainfall stats (as of 10/11/2020):

          • 2020: 6.26″

          • Average rainfall: 17.75″ (over past decade)

          • Next driest year in last decade: 11.01″ (2013)

          • 2019: 27.69″ (wettest year on record)

What we’re doing:

  1. Our general Fall winterizing application. It will clean up the weeds that are competing with your turf for nutrients and put some ‘food’ in the soil for when we get some rain or you water.

What you can be doing:

  1. Not too much is needed anymore this year; You can mow progressively lower up to the end of October; each lawn is different so we can’t tell you a height but you shouldn’t be scalping any turf. Short grass going into winter will reduce the likelihood of turf disease (snow mold) over the winter. More mowing and watering tips here. Ensure your leaves are either well mulched or removed from your lawn prior to snow.