What we’re noticing:
  • Yay! We got the much-needed rain; up over two inches in some of ProLawns’ service areas. The ground was so dry that there wasn’t much significant runoff or washout either.

    1. This brought our lawns back to life. Some fertilizer that we applied back in April might have still been waiting for activation but it’s good to go now

  • A lot of grass has gone to seed – seed heads appear as the grass has flush growth with much needed rain

    1. This is very normal in the Spring and especially with a period of growth like we’re seeing

What we’re doing:

  1. Our Spring applications which are complete liquid treatments for Spring broadleaf weeds and crabgrass treatment as well as additional prevention.

    • With the rain we got, we’re able to focus on our broadleaf weed control. We hate to instantly complain about what we’ve been asking for a month but the rain does complicate our service a bit. We have to balance getting to each client with not getting our applications washed off and the sporadic rains throughout the day make that difficult. Please bear with us as you get multiple emails if you’re rescheduled due to rain.

What you can be doing:

  1. Mowing frequently enough to not cut off more than 1/3 of the grass blade. With the rain and heat, the lawns are going to grow fast! This likely will mean more than one mowing per week for a temporary season here.