What we’re noticing:

  • We’re dry again!? 🙁

  • Elevated fire risk on May 1st? What’s up with that, April? Where were your showers?

  • Cool temperatures for a “calm” Spring otherwise

We were so dry last year. We thought we were due for a normal summer! See the post below (last one from 2020) for our dry last year summary

What we’re doing:
  1. We’re wrapping up our Early Spring Applications. Although crabgrass favors dry conditions, it needs temperature to geminate and we haven’t had enough heat yet. Our crabgrass prevented will be down and effective with plenty of time

  2. We’ll be getting ready for our broadleaf Spring application starting next week to get those Spring weeds clean up

What you can be doing:

  1. The lawns aren’t hurting yet due to lack of rain but you can start to prepare yourself mentally to water