What we’re noticing:

* Similar report as last week *

  1. We had some warm temperatures last week but without rain or irrigation, above ground growth has really slowed down. It will continue to be slow with the now much cooler temps.

  2. We are incredibly dry. We’re at 6.16″ of rainfall this growing season and should be at 16.33″ (down over 62% from normal). This is by far the driest we’ve been in the past decade and likely much longer. The next driest season in the past 10 years is 2013 which had 10.22″ of rain by now. Last year at this point we had over 24″.

      • Where this is showing up most is under the “drip line” of trees; pretty much where the root system is. We’ve had some light rains that quench the grass a bit outside of the drip lines but those rains haven’t even really gotten the asphalt wet under the trees. The trees are still ‘drinking first’, drying out the soil from below.

What we’re doing:

  1. Our general Fall winterizing application. It will clean up the weeds that are competing with your turf for nutrients and put some ‘food’ in the soil for when we get some rain or you water.

What you can be doing:

  1. Absolutely keep watering! Especially if you’ve seeded.

  2. You can mow progressively lower up to the end of October; each lawn is different so we can’t tell you a height but you shouldn’t be scalping any turf. Short grass going into winter will reduce the likelihood of turf disease (snow mold) over the winter. More mowing and watering tips here.