What we’re noticing:
  • We had some rain! An average amount over a normal week in some of ProLawns’ service area.

      • Way less than average in most of ProLawns’ service area

  • Very hot last week and very hot this week

  • Stressed lawns with some areas that aren’t coming back

What we’re doing:

  1. We’re putting down our premium slow release granular fertilizer that will wait patiently for the rain we need. When your lawn is ready, it will green up with this fertilizer we’ve supplied

  2. We’re controlling the broadleaf weeds that thrive in these conditions. We’re doing complete blanket applications. We don’t want weeds taking over your lawn

    • ** We’re also shelving the product we’ve been using and switching to one that will be more effective in the hot/dry weather. We’ve never experienced a summer where even the weeds stop processing and growing.**

  3. We’re applying our grub preventer to ensure the Japanese Beetle Grubs don’t damage the root system that your turf desperately needs right now

What you can be doing:
  1. Mow as high as your mower will go – if you need to mow at all

  2. Water appropriately (amount and timing are both important!) – See post below for even more details

  3. Start considering fall aeration and overseeding for the parts of your lawn that may not come back from this difficult year