What we’re noticing:
  • We got some rain over the weekend. The East side of the Twin Cities go a tremendous amount but only the very Southern tip of ProLawns’ service area got more than what would be considered average in a normal summer.

  • Stressed lawns due to heat and drought. Our areas is at 6-8″ below normal rainfall. An entire average season (March through November) averages 18.5″; us being part way though the season, we should be around 11.5″ at this point. That means we’re 50-70% low

What we’re doing:
  1. This round of application is built for August – Feels like we’re on our third August this year. We’re putting down a strong broadleaf weed control that’s effective on even the toughest broadleaf weeds like Creeping Charlie. Now is typically the time of year where the broadleaf weeds thrive and take advantage of the heat stressed lawns but this year we’ve been fighting this since May. Now is the purpose built solution.

  2. A grassy weed such as Crabgrass may be appearing here and there; this summer more likely than others. Crabgrass loves hot and dry conditions. Our preventer acts like a coat of wax to protect your lawn and it has been put to the test and worn away more this season than others. During this application, we will also be treating the crabgrass which is likely to appear on the edges of your lawn by the driveway or road.

What you can be doing:
  1. Mow as high as your mower will go – if you need to mow at all

  2. Water appropriately (amount and timing are both important!)