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Current Conditions

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1/4/2022 What we're noticing: Happy New Year! An extremely high and volatile product/material market for the lawn care industry The MN DNR posted the [...]


10/19/2020 What we're noticing: That's all folks! Last post for 2020. We got some good rain a week ago and 3"-5" of snow is [...]


10/18/2021 What we're noticing: That's a wrap for 2021! We're done. Woof! We're ending the warmest summer in our recorded history (149 years) with [...]


10/11/2021 What we're noticing: The season is about done; The climate and weather conditions have become much less dramatic. We've had a few regular [...]


10/4/2021 What we're noticing: It's been two weeks since an update. Sorry about that! It is for two reasons: The climate and weather conditions [...]


9/20/2021 What we're noticing: We didn't update this last week; We've been very busy getting in our aeration and overseeding jobs to help lawns [...]


9/6/2021 What we're noticing: Brutal... We saw it in the lawns already but it became official with the metrological end of summer: 2021 was [...]


8/30/2021 What we're noticing: We got A LOT of rain over the weekend! The forecasts for a wet end of August were correct We're [...]


8/23/2021 What we're noticing: We got a little rain on Friday (with a broad range of amounts within ProLawns' service area) and even though [...]


8/18/2021 What we're noticing: Stressed lawns due to heat and drought. August has not gotten off to a good start. All of Hennepin count [...]


8/10/2021 What we're noticing: We got some rain over the weekend. The East side of the Twin Cities go a tremendous amount but only [...]


7/26/2021 What we're noticing: We had some rain! An average amount over a normal week in some of ProLawns' service area. Way less than [...]


7/19/2021 What we're noticing: The Good We got rain on Wednesday 7/14/21! A lot of it - one official measure in Plymouth was 3.64 [...]


7/11/2021 What we're noticing: We had a mild week temperature-wise! We even had a bit of rain! Lawns have started their path to recovery. [...]


7/6/2021 What we're noticing: It's continued to be significantly hotter and dryer than normal. June 2021 was the 2nd hottest June every recorded in [...]


6/28/2021 What we're noticing: We had another weekend with some relieving rain BUT it's STILL not the "drought buster". Most of our service area [...]


6/21/2021 What we're noticing: We got a good rain yesterday BUT it's far from a "drought buster". Some spots in our service area received [...]


6/17/2021 LONG POST: SPECIAL WEATHER BULLITEN Contents of this one "Current Conditions" post: What is happening, weather-wise? What does that mean for your lawn? [...]


6/7/2021 What we're noticing: HOT HOT HOT! and Dry. Our lawns will start to become stressed. Lawns may go dormant this week until we [...]


6/1/2021 What we're noticing: We had a nice, mild, normal late-Spring week last week What we're doing: Our Spring applications which are complete liquid [...]


5/24/2021 What we're noticing: Yay! We got the much-needed rain; up over two inches in some of ProLawns' service areas. The ground was so [...]


5/17/2021 What we're noticing: Drought Stressed Turf: This is the third week in a row that we're talking about dry conditions and we've seen [...]


5/10/2021 What we're noticing: Yup; still dry. Our last precipitation was April 28th. We should have had and inch and a quarter of rain [...]


5/3/2021 What we're noticing: We're dry again!? 🙁 Elevated fire risk on May 1st? What's up with that, April? Where were your showers? Cool [...]


10/12/2020 What we're noticing: We got some much needed rain the evening of 10/11/2020! Hooray! It was plenty to quench our turf and water [...]


10/4/2020 What we're noticing: Cool and dry conditions have rapidly accelerated our Fall. The leaves are changing color and dropping 2-3 weeks earlier than [...]


9/28/2020 What we're noticing: * Similar report as last week * We had some warm temperatures last week but without rain or irrigation, above [...]


9/21/2020 What we're noticing: Back to some unseasonably warm weather; great to help grass seed germinate. We are incredibly dry. We haven't had a [...]


9/10/2020 What we're noticing: Whoa! Cold! Lawns are much less stressed than they were throughout the first half of the summer. They are also [...]

Current Conditions 8/26/2020

8/26/2020 What we're noticing: Irrigated lawns and areas that receive 30%+ shade are looking great! This turf is using our fertilizer and they are [...]


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